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Upgrading dilema, please help

brandfreakbrandfreak Posts: 137
edited March 2009 in MTB general
Hi folks

I have an 08 Trek Fuel Ex8 and am thoroughly happy with it. Changed the stem and bars and have the money to buy an SLX chainset and DX clipless when mine are knackered. Had considered changing the wheels and brakes but this isn't essential.

So now for the dilema. My wifes Trek Fuel Ex 5.5 has really poor brakes and I wonder if that's what holds her back. Should I upgrade my Juicy 5s (storming brakes) to Elixir R or Hope Tech X2 and give her mine or just buy her some new brakes. What do you out there think?

And whilst we're on the subject should I consider buying new wheels (Fulcrum Red Metal 1 or Roval Traversee) and put my Bontrager Race Disk onto my wifes bike?

All theoretical but I could stretch to brakes in a month or so. Your views would be most welcome.


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    The new wheels will save weight so could be worth it.

    As for discs - well to be honest I think it is getting harder and harder to seperate them these days ie to say what is 'better' than another. Especially with the random ways they are set up! Too much 'power' can be a bad thing!

    But if hers don't work I'd get her some Juicies if you like your own!
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