Boardman Pro HT Seat Clamp size

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Need a new seat clamp for my Chris Boardman Pro HT so I can adjust the saddle height quicker.
Does anyone know what size of seat clamp the frame takes? I've had a look on the Boardman bikes website but no luck. Seat post is a 27.2mm if that helps?!?


  • godin
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    The 08 is 34 mm (stamped on the bottom of the clamp). You want a 31.9 (?) size qr.

  • papasmurf.
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    I presume if the seat post is 27.2 you'll need a 28.6 clamp...
  • godin
    godin Posts: 17
    You have to look at the seat tube diameter. There are only a few seat clamp sizes, so get the closest one smaller than the seat tube size.

  • memphis32
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    Just to lose all ambiguity for anyone else, like me, who has searched for this answer:

    The front derailleur clamp says 31.8 on it, and a 34.9 seat clamp is far too big (got one of those before I checked the derailleur!)
  • Should need a 31.8 seatpost clamp QR then - it's the same tube.
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  • AntG
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    I asked this same Q at the w/e regards the Hope QR for my new Giant Trance X3.

    I just measured the diameter of the clamp already on the bike?....
  • memphis32
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    Well, yeah, but I never have a ruler with me when fettling in the shed...
  • just found this topic and need to know the definite answer!

    is a 31.8mm clamp the right size?

  • frogstomp
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    Hope 31.8QR fitted my Pro HT just fine..
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