Glentress demo days shambles

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i see what appeared to be a pretty slick online booking system has turned into a farce, half my bookings have simply been deleted due to "technical difficulty"

However what really worries me is the fact that they are asking for "A printed copy of your calendar". Now i still have my original bookings printed off......If i bring that things are going to get messy


  • Mrs Toast
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    I know at the Bike Radar demo day at Cannock Chase they apparently had a lot of problems with the booking system. I was fine with a lot of the bikes I picked, but apparently some manufacturers were really badly hit - apparently there were lots of instances of a single bike being booked multiple times for the same time slot. On the day there were a couple of staff bemoaning the chaos caused by the 'computer problems', and Yeti sent out an email apology to everyone for the double bookings.

    I imagine what they've done with subsequent demo days is checked all of the bookings, and deleted any excess bookings for the bikes. Which is a pain in the arse if it means you've been looking forward to testing a particular bike which wasn't actually available. :(
  • j_me
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    fair enough...better to find out now than on the day.

    wonder if thats why some brnads have gone for a "book on the day" policy
  • Steve_F
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    Thanks for the heads up.

    3 of my bookings had been removed, two of them were the ones I was most wanting to ride.

    I notice that the calendar I have printed off now is different from the original one. May just have been the way I printed it or it may be the way they can tell if the booking is accurate. Either way it's going to be a bit FUBAR.
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    I went to (last years? year before?...?) at Coed y Brenin... Just signed up on the day and rode what was available- they may have streamlined it this year :lol: But I wouldn't worry about it too much.
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  • turnercraig
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    Ye, I went to last years one at Coed Y Brenin too.

    I had booked bikes on line, and got to ride them but a lot of my mates just turnerd up and rode.

    It turned out there wasn't much point booking as I don't think the manufacturers knew which bikes were booked at which times.

    I just joined my mates in the end, going to a manufacturers tent and picking whatever I liked the look of, great day!

    Pity it is not there again this year (are you listening!), not one near north Wales, sob.