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Help! RP23 on a Kona Dawg

stewno1stewno1 Posts: 23
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Does anyone have any experience with this frame and shock combo. I bought a dawg frame off ebay a few months ago and am sure i read somewhere about setting your sag then leaving the rear shock in the propedal position 2 for the duration of the ride as opposed to switching between open and propedal. i'm used to hardtails so this whole bouncy bouncy thing is new to me and any help would be appreciated. I normally have the propedal set at 3 for the uphills and flick it over to the open position when required. cheers


  • photojonnyphotojonny Posts: 382
    Go here:

    It's the forum on the official Kona website.

    If you register and then ask the question in the Tech Support section, the moderator who works for Kona will answer your Q in a few hours tops.

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  • stewno1stewno1 Posts: 23
    excellent Johnny thanks
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    add air to give the sag you need and set the propedal to what you feel is right.

    Most people leave it at 2 for most bikes for general use.
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