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Help - is my new bike dented or am I obsessive compulsive...

HardrockRobHardrockRob Posts: 230
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Hi there.

Got an 09 Hardrock Pro Disc just less than 2 months ago as an intro to mtb'ing.

Really enjoying it, and although the intention was that the bike was to be a pre cursor to something a bit more special if I enjoyed it, do love the bike.

Anyway, giving it a clean a couple of days ago and when I flipped the bike up onto the rear wheel to clean the underneath of the (down?) tube, after I washed the muck off and dried it I noticed a slight uneveness in the frame. A very slight depression, smaller than a 1p coin, that is tbh barely visible, but you can see it when looking down the underside of the frame and feel it. I don't know whether it is a frame defect or a dent, but if either will be pretty upset and just a little concerned when reading about dents in aluminium frames. There is no sign of an impact in the paint work, and no "edges" to the dent, so wondered if it might be a defect in the frame. Can this happen?

If it is a dent, I cannot for the life of me think when it would have happened as don't recall any impacts. I did have an SPD moment and fall sideways but don't recollect the bike hitting anything other than me. If it was like it when I got the bike, not sure how I would prove it.

It is barely noticeable, and my wife thinks I am being massivley OCD. Perhaps I am but thought you guys could tell me! So, am I being OCD, is it likely to be a problem, and if it is where do I stand with my LBS, or the manufacturer under their warranty.

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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
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  • There's a difference with having OCD and just being a perfectionist, but i'd say get the frame checked out, it cant help to be sure. If you get the ok and you still worry about it then that's OCD.
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  • HardrockRobHardrockRob Posts: 230
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    Not the best photos, but hopefully you can see the slight "depression" where the red stickers start.

    What do you think?


    2015 Nukeproof Mega TR 275 in raw
  • It's hard to tell, which may be a good thing. But just as a matter of course, get it looked at to be sure.
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  • VividVivid Posts: 267
    I would get it looked at, the down tube takes most of the stress so i would want to make sure that it won't fail.

    What type of riding do you do?
  • Thanks for the replies. So far nothing too serious. Combination of road and some fairly lightweight trails/off road stuff/muddy paths. Nothing over and above whats on offer locally, although looking to head over to Leith Hill area.
    2015 Nukeproof Mega TR 275 in raw
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Is it uniform? Mightbe where the tube changes profile.

    Or it has had a light ding.
  • HardrockRobHardrockRob Posts: 230
    Just to confirm, went into my LBS, they took a look and confirmed that I am OCD, and it is not a dent. So worry over.

    Decided to not get hit up about these things, especially after taking a nice chunk out the paint work changing a puncture on the rear tyre and catching the brake disc on the frame when putting it back on of those,"it came off so it is going back on" moments... :oops:
    2015 Nukeproof Mega TR 275 in raw
  • toastytoasty Posts: 2,598
    It's a good thing. Now it's scratched that's one worry out the window :)
  • trekheadtrekhead Posts: 626
    Panic over!
    try drinking a drop of Bushmills Original - you won`t worry about that sort of stuff then.
    Glad the bikes OK.
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