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allez rear wheel

toslowtoslow Posts: 85
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hi all,
I am hoping someone can help . My bike is about a month old now and am now finding my self going through the creak curing procedures now everything is loosening up or bedding in . I'm not going to bore you with all the details ,but a certain noise is coming from my back wheel , as she is ridden in all weathers i thought i may have got water in the bearings .
Armed with my cone spanners i went to remove bearings and regrease only to find two grub screws , one either side . So ok i removed screws but nothing moves !
How the hell do i get to the bearings ? i'm assuming there sealed bearings. So if my assumption is correct can i do anything with them?


  • maddog 2maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
    if they are cartridge bearings then you'll need to whack the axle out from one side. Take a plastic/rubber mallet and give the end of the axle a tap. But without seeing the hub I can't say for sure. The Alex wheels I've had were cup-and-cone.

    Might be worth dribbling some oil in there just to begin with, see if that helps. Also grease the frame dropouts lightly, as this can creak sometimes.
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  • toslowtoslow Posts: 85
    Thanks for the advice .
    But i chickened out and on such a new bike i felt the bike shop should deal . Which they did so kindly showing me how these hubs come to bits .
    Your very much right though as it mainly needs a couple of taps with a mallet to remove axle . Put a bit of grease on dropouts as suggested . All seems to be quiet again .For now.
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