Took a fall on me new bike! Tasty gore pics inside.

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I'd love to say this happened in the midst of some extreme on the limits riding, but, as usual, it was in the dumbest most humilating way possible.

Went out for my everning ride around 10pm last night. No more than 5 mins into my ride (bare in mind it's dark) I go to ride from the main road across a dropped kerb so I can cross t the other side.

Except it wasn't a dropped kerb.

Cue flipping over the handle bars, seeing bike spinning wildly in the air and my knee/shin area acting as the landing gear for my short flight.


Typically, my only thought as I braced for impact was "my new bike!!" :lol:
Amazingly the bike was unscathed, I guess it must have spent most of the crash airbourne.

Knee didn't look to bad in the dark, so decided to finish off my ride.
When I got in my lovely wife went out and got me some dressings as we only had very small plasters in the house. Though she did comment her only concern was that I didn't get blood on the furniture... :lol:
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  • ouch, what a stylish way to go. were there many witnesses?

    if anyone asks you could say you got mauled by a bear or large badger whilst riding or something. no-one need know it was a humble kerb :wink:
  • Pah, just a graze, you big girl :wink:
  • I think a couple of passing cars may have witnessed a minor light show as my bike pirouetted a few times, but no-one pointed and laughed.

    milkywhite - I'll try for an open fracture next time. :lol:
    Less internal organs, same supertwisted great taste.
  • Is the front wheel still circular!? Lucky it was just your knee, not a wrist or your face! (Or anal trauma, eh, gcwebbyuk!?)

    As for milkywhite, ignore him, he's just asking for an excuse to show off his x-ray and post-op scar shots! :wink:
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  • Yep, the bike is virtually unscathed. I checked it over in a panic after the off, only damage is to one pedal which had been ground down a bit and my Tesco Cree which has a scratched casing.

    Lucky escape for old Rocky Rockhopper. :D

    As for my face, don't think the concrete would have penetrated the thick layer of stubble I've cultivated.

    I dare not even conceive of gcwebby's anal trauma. :shock:
    Less internal organs, same supertwisted great taste.
  • gcwebbyuk
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    Anal trauma is on the mend :)

    Not hobbling as much now, still limping though.

    Bruises are still fairly nasty - one on right inner thigh where saddle whacked me, and the other on my right hip which took the main part of the fall.

    Inside Thigh (taken on Wednesday):

    Hip (taken just now) - excuse the love handles!:

    Healed quite nicely after a week :)
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    no scary injuries of note for me. Sister had a bad one 4 weeks ago... 5 bones (including part of her spine and 2 breaks to her hip)... due to go on crutches tomorrow and will be a few months before she is good to go again.... and all for falling off a bloody horse!
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    milkywhite wrote:
    Pah, just a graze, you big girl :wink:

    I wouldn't even go as far as saying it was a graze. Just a minor scuff.
    This is more like a graze -
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    No pics to show off but a few years ago a mate of mine came off his MTB and put his hands out to break his fall - cue two broken wrists and his exceedingly displeased missus bathing him, feeding him and wiping his ar$s for the next 7 weeks :shock:
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  • gcwebbyuk - that does look painfull, the soft bits always hurt when they take a beating. The wife got hit in the kidney with a Vortex Howler (rugby ball / rocket shaped throw toy) this weekend and was doubled over for the rest of the day.

    mc - that's a great bit of rare beef there mate.

    Cheshley - that'd test my marriage to the full...
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  • gcwebbyuk
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    Cheshley - I just read that out loud to my wife, she thinks my injury and the nursing she has offered towards it are ok now she realises it could have been much worse!

    Supertwisted - the bruises dont seem to hurt, its the arse trauma that hurts! Still got bum cheek pain whenever I move!
  • gcwebbyuk wrote:
    Still got bum cheek pain whenever I move!

    You should make that your sig. :lol:
    Less internal organs, same supertwisted great taste.