What to do with a Harry Quinn frame

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I have a late 70's Harry Quinn frame - Nervex lugs - but a little beat up. I'd appreciate your views on what to do with it - I can think of 4 options:

1. Sell it as is - but not sure what it would realise?
2. Restore the frame - new decals - pro paint job (my trade anyway)
3. Restore the frame and build it as single speed - seems to be quite a market for single speed HQ's
4. Restore it completely as a road bike - collecting a full Campag set and rebuilding to original spec.

Or maybe you have another view of what should be done?

Your idea are appreciated.


  • 5. Give it to me!
  • :lol:

    A month ago I'd have probably said ok to giving it away - didn't realise they were thought of as anything!
  • Jokes apart, I've just built up a 20 year old steel Peugeot frame to make a fixed/ss. Got it resprayed pearlescent blue and it looks great - sure a Harry Quinn would make a good restoration project.

    If you're looking to make money out of it though, I'm not sure it would be worth building up to sell unless you have access to trade price parts - mine worked out much pricier than I though though!
  • I've got most bits for a ss project - as long as its okay to fit 700c Mavic MA2's with long reach callipers? Just bought a pair of long reach Weinmann for £2.50 off fleabay
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    Why put money/effort into something just beacuse it's old? Unless you really, really want a S/S or a retro geared bike, then just flog it on eBay. You'd get a couple of hundred quid for it probably, as is.
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    I have an old viking frame built for 27in wheels and it works for me !

    you'll need 72mm reach callipers (my old weinnman one is called a 720, I only figured out the significance of the number after getting a ruler out.....) but other than that it's good to go - there will be a lot of clearance between the back wheel and the frame (compared to a modern track frame) but it makes no odds
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    If you are happy with the bike get it painted in a nice retro colour - Bianchi,Molteni etc and have a nice ss/fixed. of course someone may want it but they'll prob want to give you a handful of magic beans for it.
  • Restore it and fit a pair of wooden rims


    You can get them in the UK!
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    I wouldn't both trying to restore it too original - sourcing replacement parts can be expensive and you're unlikely to get your money back.
    In terms of the wheels / brakes fitting - you don't say whether it was built for 27" or 700c wheels?
    If it were me, I'd convert it into a singlespeed or fixed gear, depending on your preferences and just have some fun riding it around - if you don't like it, you'll probably be able to sell it for £200-300 depending on how good a job you do of the build-up.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • Off topic a bit, but I probably have an edition of Cycling Weekly in the attic from the late eighties / early nineties with the comedian Alexie Sayle getting fitted up with a custom Harry Quinn. Lovely burgundy coloured thing it was too.
  • Thanks guys - I didn't mention - its built for 27".

    Thanks @ Monty Dog - I wasn't sure about fixing it up as original or ss. You're input would lean me towards ss particularly as it would cost me next to nothing. I think the only thing I need to get hold of is a 130 BCD 40-42 T Chainring.

    Any views on fitting aero levers or original Weinmann levers? I have both.
  • i have a Harry Quinn from the 50's believed to have raced in the Tour of Britain circa 1954 and possibly won the Blackpool stage ( so i am informed but have no proof) which was used by my father in the late 50's and early 60's as a fixed wheel time trial bike around Liverpool. I returned it to road spec in the 80's with mainly campagnolo gear and rode it a lot but it is in need of work again but i am reluctant as i am not sure if i can replace the decals.
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    If you go to www.classicrendezvous.com, then click on British Isles you will see a list of frame builders including Harry Quinn. Click on Harry Quinn and you will find a lot of info as well as a registry of frame numbers. If it's a late 70s model the number may be Q3....
  • If you go to hlloydcycles.com you can buy Harry Quinn decals.