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Boardman Comp has a bad frame?

therichieboytherichieboy Posts: 58
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I'd just decided to buy an 09 Boardman Comp from my local (and very well staffed) Bikehut. I'm impressed with its groupset and it looks like the best value for my £650- or less as I'm getting it on the cycle scheme.
Problem is my LBS says 'don't bother' getting a Boardman as the frame is bad quality compared to the Trek 1.5 (the bike I'd definately buy from him if it weren't for the downgraded gears etc).
Is there any truth to what he's saying about the Boardman frames? How 'bad quality' is 'bad quality'?
As I'm on a budget but want a half decent bike I'd rather go for the Boardman but now I've been thrown!


  • Smokin JoeSmokin Joe Posts: 5,669
    Let me guess now.

    Your LBS sells Treks but not Boardmans, right?
  • softladsoftlad Posts: 3,587
    I would ask them to define 'bad quality', as that is a pretty broad statement. Anyway, regardless of the name on the downtube, most frames in that price range come out of the same handful of Taiwanese factories and my guess is that the quality will be pretty equal, no matter which bike you end up with.
  • DomProDomPro Posts: 321
    Did LBS say what he meant by a 'bad frame'? They are all made in Taiwan and probably by neighbouring plants anyway. This looks like another case of Boardman snobbishness I think.
    Hope you enjoy the Road Comp btw, its a great bike!
    Shazam !!
  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    There have been a lot of threads about Boardman bikes. They get praised for being great bikes at a great price, and criticised for the name on the downtube (not a negative to me, I would not prefer Trek on my downtube either), and for the Halfords variable bike setup. Never have I seen any criticism of the frames. They will be built in a Taiwanese factory where almost all brands get the majority of their frames built, and most probably in the very same factory as some of the biggest name brands.

    I would guess that your LBS would have a lot of trouble competing fairly with Boardman on price (and I have some sympathy), so a little disinformation is offered instead.

    But are you sure it is the Comp at £650? They are currently £499, the Team comes in at £699 (they are currently discounted). Why not go the whole £1k and get the Team Carbon?
  • DomProDomPro Posts: 321
    I'm pretty darn sure the Road Comp 09 is £650 with £50 of accessories thrown in. Despite what Halfords website says, the 08 version is completely unavailable as they are sold out.
    Shazam !!
  • MrChuckMrChuck Posts: 1,663
    What everyone else said- I very much doubt there will be any difference in quality. If you really don't care about the name/Halfords thing and the bike feels good to you, I'd get the Boardman with no worries.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Just check out the magazine reviews of the Boardman - all of them rave about the bike.
    Your LBS seems to be going against the flow there - for some reason......
  • Thanks to you all for your reassurances.
    I suspect as I'm sure most of you do that my LBS is keen to steer me away from Halford/Bikehut. The non-specific criticism would suggest this.
    I also can't blame them but as I work in Independent retail too I have no option but the best value bike which is the Comp by all opinions.
    I'm not in the least bit bothered with what's on my downtube- in my business you get a lot of snobbery and I'm nearly immune to it. That said, if I had 'Condor' on it I'd be grinning ear to ear.

    Smokin Joe- Surprise, surprise- my LBS is packed full of Treks! Great shop and Trek are great bikes (the 1.5 makes lime green look like a nice colour) but why the Sora gears?

    alpha blue- The team carbon is out of my reach just now unless any donations come in!
  • volvinevolvine Posts: 409
    sounds like the LBS just needs a sale in these tough times i cannot understand the problem with the Boardman name on a frame after all was he not one of the best cyclist's to come out of the u.k with a reputation for being very maticulas with detail and quality
  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,890
    Against Trek, Boardman bikes are fine. I wouldn't listen to your LBS, he's full of it and only out to make a sale on a Trek to you. Don't listen to him.
  • GazzaputtGazzaputt Posts: 3,227
    WTF would your LBS know about Boardman bikes??? As them where there opinion arises from. Unless they have ridden one or know or can verify frame issues I wouldn't use them.

    Looking at the Boardman Pro 16.2lb, SRAM Force and Ritchey finishing kit all for £1500.

    Problem is trying to find a Bikehut that has one to look and maybe test ride.
  • shakey88shakey88 Posts: 289
    I got a Boardman comp back in August and i've had no problems with it at all,frame or otherwise.
    Soon as i set it up to fit me it's been absolutley fine and i've been flying around the roads of Hampshire ever since!
    With so many sold last year,if there was any probs with the frames,i think we would have heard from a lot more disgruntled customers on here and not just a random comment from your lbs looking to relieve you of your cash.
    If i were you i'd look at the boardman team carbon.At a grand(less on the bike to work scheme)it's a top quality bargain.Just check out the review in the bike and gear section.
    Wish i got one now! :(
  • Your LBS should elaborate on the statement to back it up, to be honest though it sounds like they want the sale :wink:

    As with all purchases I now make it's not just the price or product that make me buy, I also want after sales and you don't always receive that in large stores such as Halfords, you go in and end up chatting to someone who may just be covering the dept.

    The lbs may not be able to compete with the value for money initially, but they usually come up trumps after the sale has gone through and you need something adjusting, repairing or upgrading, or even just for advise.
  • I must admit I'm surprised at my LBS at their comment. They are usually so good to me but I think I may have spoken to a part timer who was less helpful than the usual staff.
    From what I've experienced so far at by local Bikehut the staff are excellent and knowledgable- probably better than a couple of the local indies so that will only add to my value for money.
    If I had the money I wouldn't hesitate on a team carbon/ pro but I'm an indie myself so can't afford it :x
  • My Advice would be spend the most money you can Boardman, Trek, Giant or any try to ride it, get all the advice you can.... even the 'Numptys' in the pub can teach you something and any ways if you get bitten by the bug and you only have spent a modest amount on a bike, it will have saved you some towards your next in a long line of steeds the LBS thing is a shame but give them another chance ...but quiz them harder next time
    Whatever you buy ENJOY!
  • meagainmeagain Posts: 2,774
    So that's lbs NIL, Boardman .... a lot more!

    And as for "you need something adjusting, repairing or upgrading, or even just for advise" most lbs are rubbish at that as well ... and why take the advice of an outfit that has already told you a bare faced fib in order to get your money? They'll do just the same when you ask about "repairs" . "Oh dear. you need a new one o'them...."
    "Cancel my subscription to the resurrection."
  • I guess I am lucky where I am, I have Velocity Bikes which have 2 roadies and a mtb'er on the staff, all with huge experience. I was basing my reply on the law of averages, most lbs's will have poorly paid staff who are in it because they enjoy bikes, whereas larger chains have saturday staff that went full time because they couldn't get a job elsewhere :roll: Sounds like you are lucky with your local Halfords, my local one is shocking, if you get the right vibe from them go for it.
  • rally200rally200 Posts: 646
    I've no idea as to goood, bad, or indifferent, but I think I saw a Boardman comp in Harlow Halfords for £499 - I might have dreamt it, or it might be a dodgy size, old model etc, but might be worth giving them a ring if you're in that part of the world
  • pud77pud77 Posts: 144
    rally200 wrote:
    I've no idea as to goood, bad, or indifferent, but I think I saw a Boardman comp in Harlow Halfords for £499 - I might have dreamt it, or it might be a dodgy size, old model etc, but might be worth giving them a ring if you're in that part of the world
    the 08 models were reduced to this price. The new 09 Comp's come in at £650 :)
  • rally200rally200 Posts: 646
    [[/quote]the 08 models were reduced to this price. The new 09 Comp's come in at £650 :)[/quote

    can you recommend the 08 to the OP ?
  • teulkteulk Posts: 557
    Juat a quick one, i was in halfords yesterday and theya re now selling the Pro Mountain bike for £899 - £100 off.
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  • Looks like Halfords are now completely out of their £499 08 Comps. If I get the 09 one on the Runabike scheme it'll probably be cheaper anyway.
  • when I was toying with a Boardman, the frames were from Thailand, not Taiwan.

    To be honest, given the quality of the finishing kit, I'd be surprised if the frames were any better than anyone elses for the money, and at any price any frame is still a compromise of cost, weight, materials, and design (ie comfort, speed ect).

    Certainly I decided against a Boardman, as I felt that for thesame cash, the Bianchi I eventually chose had compromises in spec and design I was ultimately happier with.
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    Oh, and BMX is the *ultimate* single speed.
  • Oh wow, a decent spec Bianchi within my price range! I want one. Where have they all gone?!
  • Bar.Bar. Posts: 41
    Sounds like LBS B.S. to me. There have been inumerable reviews by both mags and users and they've sold tons of them, so i'm surprised that it hasn't been picked upon elsewhere if it's true. The fact is, that component-wise, a lot of the established manufacturers have downgraded this year and so the dealers, in the current economic climate, might not find that easy to justify to punters hence the slagging off of Boardmans.
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