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torn between two lovelies

BarkiesnakeBarkiesnake Posts: 244
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Hello again folks,
Just when I thought I had sorted out what was going to be my first real road bike, someone throws me a curve ball and i'm left confused.
The original choice was the Boardman team carbon which has SRAM rival gears, unbranded brakes, ritchey bars, stem and wheels and a boardman saddle.
Now i have been informed that i can get a new full carbon Dolan for the same price which has a complete 105 groupset, DEDA bars and stem, Mavic Askium wheels and a sella italia skm saddle.
Anyone with experience of either wish to share their knowledge/thoughts please?
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  • sorry, forgot to add that have ridden both and they both felt great and both look good too.
    "If you think you can, or if you think you can't, your right" Henry Ford
  • softladsoftlad Posts: 3,587
    Rival is pitched as a higher quality group than 105, but I haven't used either. If the price is the same, then it has to come down to which you prefer riding...or which shift method you prefer..
  • Get both 8) :twisted:

    Having read the forum lately, theres some folk on here that would convince you that Mavic Askiums are the devil, and must be avoided at all costs, as they will explode and kill you the instant you think about riding them. Cant say I've any experience of the wheels though.
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  • meagainmeagain Posts: 2,774
    Paint job, obviously!
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  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,609
    I think some of the Dolan full carbon bikes are Deda Nero Corsas - you can get one of these with Deda finishing Kit & Ultegra from Ribble for £1,100. If it is the Nero Corsa by Deda then it's a great frame. To answer your question I'd go Dolan - 105 is good enough and it isn't Halfords. I prefer shimano to sram anyway. If you want a Deda carbon though, I'd consider Ribble.
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  • ninjaslimninjaslim Posts: 243
    Get the Boardman, Rival rocks and Ritchey is cool.

    get what ever makes you happiest

    but SRAM Rival beats 105 by miles in my book. I changed my training bike from 105 to Rival last year and I reckon it shifts easily as good as my SRAM Force race bike. More comfortable on the hoods.

    Boardman is a legend and heads up British Cycling's Secret Squirrel squad leading their Kit R&D, what's not to love.
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