700c disc rims - are there such things ?

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Not timetrial jobbies :shock: - ones for use with a disc-hub.

obviously wheels like the Mavic Speedcity have them but to buy as a separate rim - do they exist?

If you were to build a front disc wheel, what would you use?

I guess a carbon jobbie might be an option too - can you buy them as rim-only?

They would probably need to be 32h, and be able to handle to braking forces etc. so a double eyelet would be sensible (eg Open Pro)
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  • I've come across Mavic A317 and Halo Freedom 700c disc rims, although the latter are strictly 29ers and were something like 28mm wide.

    What spec bike are you planning to fit these disc wheels to?
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  • maddog 2
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    a mutant 8)

    it's my current flat bar roadie but I've been tempted to fit a disc on the front for a while and I like playing around with new ideas. I picked up a pair of disc forks the other day so the idea is back on.

    I'm fairly settled on the disc brakes I want (Marta SLs) but the wheel is still up in the air.

    I've been looking at Echo disc hubs, and also the new Hope 3-bolt disc hubs but they only seem to be available as full mtb wheelsets.

    It's only going to be a goer if I can bring it in light, that's the challenge.
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    You can use any road rim.
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    sure, I guess my question is: are there any disc-only options out there?

    I know Stans do a 29er rim but that's a bit too wide for roadie tyres at 24mm, whereas raodie rims are more like 20mm.

    I was thinking that maybe a carbon rim might be an option too, as they're usually crap at braking but on a disc setup it wouldn't matter.
    Facts are meaningless, you can use facts to prove anything that's remotely true! - Homer
  • I could not find any when I looked a few years ago and had to get some hand built from All Terrain Cycles, these comprised of Hope Pro 2 6 bolt Hubs with mavic Open Pro rims.

    I just found these though:
    FSA RD-460 Disc Cyclocross Wheel
    http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Mode ... elID=29925
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    As long as they have the same number of spoke holes you can build any hub into any rim. My MTB must be the only one in the country with XT disc hubs built into Mavic Ceramic rims. It was the cheapest way to change to discs so I did it. I even used the same spokes. They have turned out to be very good wheels.
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    I don't know of any. But as people say, just build any rim, there is no need to go disks. Disk rims, when they first appeared, were all about looking good. In fact Mavics XC race rims were quite a bit strong with the braking surface than the disc version in my experience. Maybe they've improved now, I don't know because my 719s are just running on for ever and I've never need to pay any attention to rims now. Oh, and they've a braking surface as well.

    A wheel with a braking surface will be more versatile, should you ever want to move it between bikes or change your current bike.
  • +1 for using a non-disc specific rim, and building onto a disc hub. Gives you tons of options then.

    Makes the most sense - credit and an' all...
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    Can't really go wrong with OP's at 430g
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