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Forged Aluminium vs 6061 Aluminium for Seat Posts

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I had a problem with a Commencal 6061 Alu seat post and the shop have replaced it FOC with a Selcof 54 post, described on the website as a forged 6000 alloy. I know they are both aluminimium, the question is forged better than 6061, which I think is extruded and heat treated?
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    6061 is the name given to an aluminium alloy. It can be extruded and forged. 6000 series alloys are pretty much the same (depending on heat treatment) but not as strong as 7000 series.
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    Very little in it really - much more to do with how it is designed and constructed ie wall thicknesses, clamp join etc.
  • myopicmyopic Posts: 692
    Thanks, guys. I know the first one wasn't the best you could get by a long way, just wanted to be sure I wasn't getting something inferior!
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