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Fulcrum 7 issue

mr-edmr-ed Posts: 130
edited February 2009 in Workshop
Dropped my Fulcrum 7s into my bike for a training ride last night and as I got out the door notice the rear wheel appeared to be locked up when I tried to pedal. I assumed I had just knocked the brake or the cable had caught on my bars and pulled the braked on but it hadn't. After some playing around I found that with the skewer released the wheel the spun forwards fine but as soon as I began to tighten it the wheel locked up. As I didn't have time to work out the problem I just nicked my one of my Dads wheels for the ride. When I came home he'd decided to take the thing apart and clean it out thinking maybe it was dirt or something in the prawls or bearings I don't anything about wheels. Actually what it looks like is I've bent the rear axle not quiet sure how. Think this is covered under a warranty or something they are 6 months old? Or possible to replace the axle? Yeah know you can all tell me why I should have hand built wheels for training on and racing on.

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