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Sizing help needed - compact geometry on Cinelli frames

mambo86mambo86 Posts: 2
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I have been offered a Cinelli Estrada at a very good price in a Large frame size and am wondering if I can take the plunge without having tried one... It would be a no refunds sort of affair (not stolen don't worry!), and so I need to make sure the fit is good.

I'm reasonably up on bike knowledge, and know it is a sloping geometry frame. My previous bike was a Trek Madone 5.0 2007 in a 60cm traditional, but felt waaay too big for me. I have ridden the new Colnago CLX in a 52 sloping (4cm smaller than normal), and it felt almost spot on. I'm deducing that I'd be riding a 58cm traditional geometry, the Cinelli is 56 effective seat tube and around 56cm top tube.

I know sloping frames are more forgiving with sizing, but it would be an expensive mistake to end up with a bike that doesn't fit. Please offer your opinions or experience! Need to know by the weekend :)


  • gkerr4gkerr4 Posts: 3,408
    they are quite different in size.

    the seat tube height is less important than the effective top -tube size - which affects reach and therefore 'fit' - you can always raise the seatpost (you can add or remove stem length right enough but the effect is much smaller)

    from the websites - the Colnago CLX 52 has an effective top tube of 547( - thats about the same as my size 54 specialized roubaix) where the cinelli estrada has an effective top tube of 558 - quite a difference.
    i'd say that if you were 'spot on' with a 52 CLX then you would need the medium estratda which has an effective top tube of 544.

    sorry - it think the cinelli will be too big
  • protoproto Posts: 1,482
    Don't want to muddy the water with this, but my daughter has a Cinelli Experience, size medium, which I think has common geoetry to the rest of the Cinelli range. It has an effective top tube of 545 and a head tube length of 150mm, pretty much the same as my LOOK 585, also a medium. However, for reasons I cannot explain, it 'feels' much smaller than my LOOK. Yes I know, she has narrower bars and a shorter stem, but it still feels too small. I'm at a loss to explain it. Head and seat tube angles? Dunno.

    So, if at all possible get one to try before you buy. It might well be perfect. Try one in local bike shop?

    BTW my daughter is 5' 7.5" and I'm 5' 8.5" or so.
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