commencal supreme mini dh 24"?

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I am trying to find a small dh rig for my son because i am fed up of mending his hardtail.
I like the sound of the 24" wheeled supreme and there web site says
" for kids who want to try there hand at dh riding"
but then you can,t cant get any sizes or useful info off there web site.
so does anyone know the stand over heights etc?
and are they in a kids size
or can anyone point me in the right direction of a good lbs that stock them.


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    Go to and click on the dealers tab on the vertical strip. You'll get an option to put in your postcode and list all the dealers in your area.
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  • Thanks for that myopic
    I was just after a helpful commencal dealer as I have emailed a few without much info coming back and the commencal web site sucks
    they obviously don,t want my custom
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    I would ring the bike shops.

    Where abouts are you on the engish/welsh border ?
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  • buy a small framed dh machine and fit 24" wheels to it. then, when he's bigger, put 26" wheels on it.
  • sir hc I am between Knighton and Newtown

    Jesus Christ, that sounds like an idea i'll think about that cheers

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