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DHX5 Clunking Noise

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This may or may not be a problem so any advice would help.

I bought a DHX5 shock from america at a very reasonable rate brand new but the downside was it only had a 300 spring. Thinking that i can use my old manitou 4x swinger spring and swap it over i bought it. The problem is that when on my bottlerocket it makes a clunking noise. Thinking it was the bushings i had them replaced. Tried again and within half an hour clunking again.

I then noticed that the manitou spring internal diameter is slightly larger about 3 - 4 mm than the fox and as such can move around the plates slightly but not an easy thing to do when the tension is wound on. There does not seem to be any play in the bushing they are new and the old manitou shock works fine with no clunking so its not the swing arm moving laterally.

Is it just the spring moving and do i just need a correct internal diameter one to sort the problem. Im asking this advice before i shell out £45 to find out its something else.

The DHX 5 seems to work fine other than the clunking. The shock is 200mm length with a 2.25 stroke.

Please help :?:


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    sounds about right. live with it or replace it.
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