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Hmm, upsidedown, how do I change em?

edited February 2009 in MTB workshop & tech
:roll: Ok, so I've purchased my Avid Juicy Ultimates and have put them on my bike but they were not set up for right-hand front braking. The manual said to change the clamps around (easy enough) and to flip the "pad engagement adjustment bolt" over. I haven't done this yet because I was having trouble and thought I'd check in here before I break it :shock:

The book said to remove the "e" clip and the "bushing" and flip! I removed the e clip and unswcewed the red bolt and thought that all I had to do was screw the red bolt back in so it's now on the top and put the e clip on the bottom. But when I went to do this, there was a rubber ring thing making the hole too small to screw the red bolt in. Is this rubbery thing what they mean by "bushing"?? It looked pretty fixed on so I didn't want to yank it off, but is that what I'm supposed to do?

:oops: I just put it back on in the upsidedown position in the end, but this looks a bit silly, so if anyone knows I'd be very grateful for the advice!



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