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i am currently riding a trek 4300 disk : ... 0_disc.jpg

However i would like to do more snigletrack / hardcore sort of riding, and seeing as this is an XC bike i was wondering what i could do that enables me to do this? I was thinking about running it with a truvativ husselfelt 60mm stem and truvativ husselfelt riser bars to enable better handling? However i was uncertain wether this wopuld ruin the ride or not?

I thought about getting a new jump bike but though that i should improve my skills first on this bike. Opinions please?


  • that bike is perfect for what you have in mind.

    changing the ride position wont make it a different bike. you should only change it if its uncomfortable for you to ride. using a shorter stem will make the steering lighter, but it might cause other problems, like a too cramped cockpit or hunched riding position.
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    I know a guy that I think he broke his handlebars on a drop. It was Trek 4300.
    Replace them.
  • They'll make the steering much quicker, and they'll make it more agile for tricks, that'll be fine for trail riding, but if you're starting to do 5 foot drops and big jumps then you might want something more burly.