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2008 Marzocchi 66 RCV- not getting full travel

pjackopjacko Posts: 25
edited June 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
I picked up a 2008 Specialized Demo 7 a couple of weeks ago and i'm having issues with the 66 forks that came with it. I'm getting only around 5.5 inches of travel out of them max, and they're supposed to have 7.

Has anyone else had a similar problem?

Any ideas how i'd solve this?

Cheers guys


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    is the sag right?
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  • pjackopjacko Posts: 25
    The sag is round about 1.5 inches at the moment, and thats with 0 psi preload in each leg. I know thats a little low, but even bouncing as much as i can on the buggers (or getting someone who weighs more than i do to do the same) i can't get them to budge past 5.5 inches.

    For reference the forks are running stock springs (whatever they may be) and i weigh 85kgs. I know the Demos come with different spring rates on the rear depending on the frame size, but i assume the springs in the forks don't due to the larger range of preload adjustment, but in case it makes a difference its a medium frame.
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    so how much travel does it get through when you use it?

    and wind the compression damping off.
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  • pjackopjacko Posts: 25
    I'm getting through the "full" 5.5 inches when riding decent sized stuff, but my trusty zip-tie round the stanchion has yet to move into the top 1.5 inch. I currently have no compression damping wound on, but a couple of turns of rebound.

    My next port of call was to be to check the oil heights, but i'm not too confident sorting that out myself so that'd be a LBS job.

    I struggle to believe that i'm that far outside of the average user weight for these forks that i wouldnt even be able to get them to move through their full travel though
  • TissmanTissman Posts: 1
    OK, I had the same lack of travel, getting only 6.5" tops. Took it ALL apart, cleaned everything, put 200mm of oil in it both legs. The oil was up to the top of the rebound and compression buffers when the suspension was bottomed out (no stansion showing). Put the rest of it together and set pressure to 1 (one) PSI.

    Took it out for a small spin 'round the block, jumped on it, got 6" of travel on the zip tie, so im assuming I'll get the full 7" back like I had before. Feels buttery to boot!

    Not hard to do, just take everything apart and dont lose track of pieces. only special tool you need is a cassette tool (without pin) and maybe a torque wrench.
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