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Tyre Clearance On Trek EX8

Goose2k7Goose2k7 Posts: 67
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I currently have a Trek Fuel EX8 (09) with the front tyre a 2.25 and the rear a 2.20. I have ordered some Kenda Nevegals both being 2.35's on looking at the bike it does seem like it might be a tight fit especially on the rear (doesn't seem to be a lot of clearance) does anyone know what size these run to for suitable clearance or would i be better of with the 2.1's front and rear cutting down on the rolling resistance. What size are others running on the trek

Any help appreciated

Goose :lol:
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  • M6TTFM6TTF Posts: 602
    ive got the nevegals and went for the 2.1's for that very reason - i think there's more room than it looks but I wanted to make sure there was room for gloop build up :)
  • DC01DC01 Posts: 333
    Go for the 2.1 on rear. you would get a 2.35 in. but def wont have any mud room. The Nevegals do look bigger than there stated size anyway IMHO. I run 2.2 snakeskin nobby nics and all fits and brilliant tyre. also found the 2.3 continental verticals work well, reasonable cost. good performance and fit the rear with ample room to spare.
  • I tried to fit verticals 2.3 used them for a while on a hardtail (great all rounder),they fit the bike great but the rear just wouldn't seat properly on the rhythm rim, changed rear to bonty mud x 2.0 fits like a glove and loads of grip also using a tioga factory mud 1.85 up front.Bike has loads of traction in muddy conditions will have to change them 4 the summer.Anyone recommend a good summer tyre?
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