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new cable time?

ianpoolemanianpooleman Posts: 28
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I have just replaced the chain and rear cassette on my 2008 rockhoppper and found the gears were slow to change and clunked about a few seconds after changing the shifter today.

I'm planning on taking the rear mech off and giving it a good clean and lube and was wondering if that is likely to sure things or just stick on new cables.

cables are orginal, about 18 months old and used in muddy conditions a lot.

If I its the cables I was looking at an XTR set



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    did you re set the mech stops?

    they will need doing.

    which way is the changing problem? with the spring pulling or with the cable pulling?
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  • -Liam--Liam- Posts: 1,831
    Change em matey.

    I fit xtr cables and they don't last that long! I am making a concerted effort this time to look after them though and I do have a couple of spare sets knocking around because I do tend to ride in crappy conditions most of the time..

    Nine times out of ten, sloppy gearchanges are down to the cables if everything is set properly.
  • I did check the limit screws when i put the new cassette on.

    It clunks down the cassette i.e. from low gears to high gears.
  • I'm having similar trouble at the moment so I'm getting new cables this week. Have started having problems shifting down to lower gears. Gonna clean everything fit the new cables and tweak as required :D
  • jwindeattjwindeatt Posts: 50
    I had similar problem, gears shifted on their own or not at all ,cleaned everything and lubed the cables and they would be fine for a day or so then start playing up again. I took the plunge and bought some Gore sealed cables,they have transformed the shifting the best its ever been !! :D
  • 18 months is pretty good going for cables, especially in rough conditions! Although I find the front mech cables last longer than rear, less shifting I guess.

    I use SRAM Flak Jackets, I have also tried Mud Lovers sealed but I wasn't that impressed. They were quite a bit cheaper than the Flak Jackets but the inners were a bit naff, I eventually replaced them with some teflon coated inners which improved things but the cost then equals the Flak Jackets which IMHO is a better system.
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