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Buying advice needed Cannondale / Felt

jess86jess86 Posts: 3
edited March 2009 in MTB buying advice
Hi everyone, I was hoping to get some expert advice please :)

The last time I had or rode a mountain bike was almost 15yrs ago and am looking to get back into it but bikes have moved on a bit since then!

I am currently looking to buy a hardtail mountain bike with a budget of £500ish.Have been to a few shops and been told I should be looking at a 15"-16" frame womens,as I am 5ft5in....Have only found one womens ones that I like.

Specialized mkya ht elite 09

But after reading the forum it seems most women are on mens bikes so have found these

Cannondale f6 disc 2008 size small? (would this be ok as not sure of frame size in inches ? would it need to be the same size as womens?)

Felt Q620 2009 15.5" frame which seems great value but I dont know much about them?

GT agressor xc2 but 16" from halfords (not sure because its halfords?)

Any advice or opinions would be great

Thanks :wink:


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