Shimano gearing

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I bought a set of new Shimano 9 speed Tiagra shifters( from Ribble), taigra 9 speed cassette and chian( already had 9 speed derailleur). The idea was to dip a toe into upgrading by replacing the original 8 speed Sora kit. All went well until indexing the gears . Just would not work, always wanted to skip agear in the middle. I tried for a few hours before giving the local bike shop a visit. The bloke in LBS could not get them to work, and could find no reason why they should not work. Today I replaced the 8 speed cassette and indexed the gears in 10 minutes, still using the 9 speed Tiagra shifters (one redundant click at the top of the shifter).I am flumoxed, it should not work, the indexing should be out, but it seems fine.( not yet been on a ride, just up and down the street.) Any thoughts? : :?