Which chain?

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I'm quite new to road riding and am a bit overwhelmed at the choice of 10 speed chains at wiggle :shock: Can anyone recomend me a cheepish one please?


  • iga
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    I've not had any problems since I started using KMC chains, SRAM also seem to be well regarded. Don't know if either of these count as cheapish!
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  • alfablue
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    Yes, KMC X10

    KMC over SRAM because on 10 speed SRAM the joining link is not re-usable, on KMC they are. Check out Merlin Cycles for good KMC prices, or eBay (got a KMC X10 for £14).
  • kozzo
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    Miche Catena Corsa 10 Vel. (link quick connection)
  • maddog 2
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    +1 KMC X10

    or a X10SL if you're feeling flush

    Merlin have both
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