STOLEN: Specialized Epic Comp 2008 - frame number registry?

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I broke my foot and ribs in October which put an end to last season in short order. The bike had been locked in the garage ever since. Last time I went in there was shortly before Christmas.

This morning I went to take it for a service - nothing major, just a once-over after the crash. I unlocked the garage door to find the Kryptonite lock it was locked to hanging from the barbecue. Nothing else had been touched. The lock still works, so either it was picked or they had the keys (can't imagine how it could have been the latter).

So, two questions really:

1) Is there a place (other than the police, who obviously already know) I can register the frame number? It seems that there's no single authoritative source for this kind of thing on a national or even local scale. Should I be mentioning the frame number in this thread?
2) Is there much on this site on the topic of bike security at home? I was going to fit a ground anchor but tbh if they picked the Kryptonite lock I can't see that a ground anchor would have made a blind bit of difference in this case.



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    which lock was it?

    some a few years ago could be unlocked with a bic biro case.

    have a look on You- tube.

    Re a register sorry no idea.
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  • Just wondered if you locked the garage up. Had they smashed the door up.
    Just wondering about my security. Suppose all the locks in the world wont stop someone getting your bike if they want it.
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  • Garage was locked - no sign of forced entry. In fact, it was locked when I went to UN-lock it this morning :? We've not been in there since Christmas, so I'm guessing it went while we were away and it's taken us till mid-Feb to notice.

    Nick, the lock was the Kryptonite Evolution Mini LS ( I realise now that the Evo line is the one that had the biro problem, but didn't they realise a few years ago? I bought this one in September and have written to them already.
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    Ok, on the advice of a local bobby had a look over the top of the door, and yes, it's been forced. The catches only have small overlap with what they slot into and apparently three lads with screwdrivers can just force the door down. Oh well. One to watch out for - think an extra hasp and padlock might help, but it might just advertise the fact that there's something to be had.