merlin price increase!

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whats with the price increase on the custum meta 5 build,

anyone shed any light?

no other price increase's i can see!! :shock:


  • The £'s crap against the Dollar and the Euro, that's why EVERYTHING'S going up as we make nothing ourselves here in the UK.
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  • Northwind
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    I don't know what the prices were, but is it maybe tied to the 20% of all commis? IE, maybe they've bumped the price of the already cheap ones, so that they're not stupidly cheap.
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  • lock1981
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    yeah but thats the only increase, just the custom! i rang them last week and asked about the price and they said all month the offer was on for. :twisted:
  • How much was it before? It's showing as £1720?
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  • lock1981
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    1520, that was last week. the bike was1999 full price with no discount now its something like 2250 ( cant remember with out looking)

    just annoyed i wasnt told when i spoke to them last week otherwise i would of oredered it!

  • pdid
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    Think it was only a matter of time with the recent Shimano increases. They lowered the spec on the wheels a couple of weeks ago.

    You`ve just got to look at the increases, an SLX crank now costs more than an XT did before xmas.

    Go for the 551 or UK spec both are an excellent price, infact the merlin is still an excellent price, it`s just not as good as it was.