which shoes???

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hi, i just bought some DMR flat pedals but im not sure which shoes are best for them? i mostly ride trails so could do with something water resistant? thanks


  • P-Jay
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    5.10s accept no subsitute.

    Not totally waterproof, but not bad, take an age to dry though.
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    Shimano AM40.

    5.10s are fugly.
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  • most Airwalk skate shoes work really well on dmr pedals and can be a real bargin from tkmaks £15-20.
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    Yup, don't need anything more than a decent pair of skate or BMX shoes. I've got a pair of 5 10s, I never use them though, my old Vans are better shoes and have more than enough grip for my riding (I figure if you're into tricks or big air the 5 10s would be more worthwhile though... They could also be useful to help cover up bad footwork)

    They're certainly not bad shoes, but the 5 10 fanboys are starting to annoy me, I bought mine through foolishly believing them :roll:
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  • can this sort of thing be made a sticky?

    there are about 3 threads a week asking about shoes.

    skate and bmx shoes. theyre built for purpose and theyre relatively cheap.
  • Vans, Airwalks or Duffs and sod being water resistant get yourself a pair of seal skinz.
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    5-10's all the way cant see why people bother with anything else
    Forget the skate shoes
  • schmako
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    Used skate shoes (vans) on my V12's for a year with no problems whatsoever. No idea why folk are saying don't use them.
  • Warm waterproof shoes will be too hot to use comfortably in the summer.

    Get some cheap skate shoes with a flat grippy sole from somewhere like TK Maxx and some waterproof socks.

    Sealskinz are recommended a lot on here.

    Some socks come up higher to keep out more of the water splashed from puddles from running down your legs and pooling around your feet.
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  • cheers guy's. i do a lot of climbing in 5.10s and do trust the brand but i think i'll go for skate/bmx shoes cos 5.10 are too expensive for a poor little boy like me. i think i'll take your advice on the seal skins too.
  • cee
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    I will just fling an oar in here.....

    shimano mp56.

    plenty grip. brilliant flap cover that keeps out the worst of the cack. £40.

    goretex socks are better than the sealskinz (cost the same) as the sealskinz inner membrane detaches from the outer fabric. When this happens they stop becoming as waterproof, whilst the gore ones seem to last for longer, but are very very thin, so usually a normal pair of socks underneath is what I do.
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  • Northwind
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    I do love my sealskinz, but the standard ones aren't warm, that's for sure... I got a set of merino liners for them after just one cold-tootsied ride, I'm not brave.
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    I usually wear a decent pair of Reebok's, the classic trainers with the handy 'ribbed' sole... they are superb for gripping my DMR pedals and are still firm yet comfy. I must say that the one thing I have never understood, and most likely never will, is why so many riders spend so much money on 'proper' cycling footwear. That is unless you use SPD's of course...


    PS: Everyday I see city commuters cycling in all kinds of unsuitable footwear, and wonder why they do it! Girls in sandles, flip flops, high heels and those stupid cloth booty things, men in anything from uncomfortable brogues to wellington boots...!
  • Your all pissing up the wrong tree, I use a set of Salomon XA comp 3 GTX and there great. They keep my feet nice and dry, there also not too hot and sweaty. Can be a bit pricey but they'll last for ages.
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    a good trail walking/approach shoe (zamberlan-karrimor-solomon etc) with a sole not too hard (benefits of goretex or event so waterproof and warmer with reinforced toe boxes) or/and some five tens, not waterproof at all though.

    cold wet winter i've got karrimor meridian low event and for dry days five tens :)