What's the catch?

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With the likes of the Yeti 575, SC Nomad and Spesh Enduro SL all contenders for being "the one" bike solution, the current prices for 2008 Enduros are ooking rather attractive... So, before I splash my hard eared cash on one of these apparent bargains, I'm wondering; whats the catch? The '08 Enduro's have Specialized's own forks and shocks (the e150 twin crown fork and I forget what the rear shock is called); I recall that these were apparently plagued by problems when the were initially launched. Did Specialized sort this out for '08 are or will I end up wanting to replace the fork after three rides? The fork brace also looks like mud clearance isn't exactly generous - are these "California only" spec or are they genuinely useable in the UK? Anyone care to share their experiences with the Enduro SL?


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    Specialized 'integrated' approach of some components, which while can increase performance and drop weight (and I like to see innovation), means that you can be stuck when it comes for parts.
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    Really pleased with my 08 Enduro Expert,Forks did have a problem with looseing air but was fixed within 48 hrs ! Rear shock works really well and had no trouble with it.Stems are available in a couple sizes but did mean my Thomson wouldnt fit though! All in all really glad i bought it,Light ,strong and grat fun to ride :D