lee quarry, what a let down

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hi guys,

set off this morning chuffed, it was sun-shining, not too cold, all my chores done, had the rest of the day to play. arrived at lee quarry about 8 miles away, (wrong entrance thanks to someone recommending going up the back of his house....he just forgot to mention it was 5ft deep in snow most of the way up...was fun anyway dragging the bike up there). after studying the stupid map on the info board and saw that there is one way system. set off on the red route, too short a time later i'm back at the board, i thought i missed some turnings, so i set off again, had a look at the black run and decided it was too icy as i don't know it, again arrived back at the board!!! who is it aimed at? it's kinda like a bmx track i used to goto when i was a kid. it seems about 4 miles long according to my computer, is there anyway to make it longer? can it be linked to another trail to make a decent run? i ended up going back to my old regular run on the mary loop. have i missed the point of it?
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    It's not the biggest run in the world. The point at the moment is that someone has actually got some funding and put in a mile or two of singletrack. It's early days, there are plans to put in some more red route and hopefully create links to other quarries and the Mary Townley.

    What's there is good, there's just not enough of it yet. To be honest I don't think the people driving the project fully understand what most of us expect from a trails centre, personnally I'd have preferred the money spent on the trials area (which will get used by very few) had been spent on a few hundred extra metres of singletrack.

    If you're local it's a great place (15 mins downhill on the road from my house) to go for a blast or improve your skills (the black is pretty hard IMO) but I must admit I wouldn't drive for more than 30 mins or so to get there if I lived further afield.

    Hopefully as it gets used Rossendale council might actually realise the gold mine they're sitting on, they keep harping on about turning Rossendale into a tourist destination, they're just aiming at the day trippers who go to Hebden Bridge (who wouldn't set foot in industrial Rossendale) if they wake up to the fact there is really good mountain biking to be exploited here they may actually get a few more visitors.
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  • yeah i see your point. rossendale really is an amazing place for mtb and the fact that we had the first section of the pennine bridleway, surely a fully functioning cafe / shop /cabins somewhere along the trail would have been money better spent, now there's 140 miles of the bridleway open rossendale could have been the mecca for mtb's / walkers / horse riders. what a missed opportunity. i bet some other authority will spend the money and will become THE bridleway centre.
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