Fitting threaded headset

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I've searched the forum and seen various discussions on fitting threaded headsets and whilst the most sensible advice seems to be visit the lbs mine has no suitable headsets in stock. As its for a colnago master I want something quality such as campag record but all they have in stock is a no-brander more suitable for a bmx.
I can get hold of a new old stock campag on ebay but then taking it to the lbs will cost me quite a bit more as i didnt buy it from them. So I've come round to the idea of fitting it myself.
In the research on this site it seems I could make myself quite easily/cheaply a headset press but the Park site mentions something about facing the frame and this requires another tool. Is facing really needed on a bike thats already had a headset fitted?
Any advice or experience in fitting a headset would be appreciated.


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    Surely it's worth a tenner to your lbs to fit the headset, rather than run the risk of damaging a Master?
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  • no

    you dont even need a tool for the job.
    just a long threaded rod and two plates and two nuts
    just make sure the cups go in straight

    but you will need a minimum of one flat 32 mm spanner plus a adjustable wrench

    so it can be done properly if you use your imagination and take your time
  • Thanks for the replies Gunderson & Slowndowncp
    I agree its worth a tenner - but they want 30 quid!! exlcuding the cost of the headset itself.
    Think I'm going to give the threaded rod a go as I'd quite like to have put the whole thing together myself.