KCNC "bling" jockey wheels - quick question?

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I have just bought a pair of these lovely little red critters to bling up the road bike.

The advert stated that they were suitable for Shimano, Dura Ace etc. I therefore assumed that they would fit all the Shimano range?

However, when I fitted them I did not notice that they are a little larger in diameter than the OE ones, by a couple of millimetres each wheel. Consequently when the chain was refitted around the jockey wheels and with the rear mech is in its normal working position, its all very close with little tolerance.

But to fair, it certainly seems to change up and down the cassette with no problems, but due to the snow I can only try it on the workstand.

In saying that I did have to adjust the mech alignment just a little because there is no float on the top jockey wheel unlike the OE ones.

Any thoughts?
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  • Mister W
    Mister W Posts: 791
    I have a set of these on my 105 mech. I didn't make any adjustments when I fitted them and have had many miles of trouble free, bling riding
  • JesseD
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    I have the campag ones in yellow on my rear mech and they fitted nmo probs with no adjustment, are you sure they sent you the correct ones?
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  • I have these.

    They are noisy, and after a few miles, the color is irrelevant.

    I've switched back to boring old quiet plastic.
  • jairaj
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    have your old wheels done many miles? they might have worn down a bit making the new ones seem larger?
  • Mister W
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    The plastic Shimano jockey wheels are different sizes so one of them has a bit of float (I can't remember if it's the top or the bottom). The KCNC ones are both the same so you don't get any float, but it hasn't affected the shifting on my bike.