planet x wheels

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looking at eh a57 type c wheels 32 32 spoke on cartridge hubs, any comments from users, will be for training amd occaisional commutes when i don't fancy riding the fixed.



  • karnali
    karnali Posts: 703
    sorry not type c just the A57 wheelset
  • System_1
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    I've got a pair. Pretty good at that price, I paid close to £200 when they first came out. The build on mine wasn't the greatest, they had to go back once and even then they kept going out of true, but £15 spent at the LBS having them retensioned and they've been straight as an arrow ever since. At £200 there are better handbuilts but for £130 you can't go wrong. They look good too, especially now they are using black spokes instead of the silver like mine.
  • Mister W
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    I've got a pair on my winter bike. The rear one wasn't completely true when it arrived and it's got a small flat spot, but they're pretty robust and not too heavy.