New Wheels for my fixie?

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Good morning folks,

I have been riding my Plug since august and have been toying with the idea of new wheels.

The stock pair are solid enough but quite heavy and take some effort to get up to speed.

Also they're deep rimmed which I see as pretty pointless in London traffic.

On my old langster I had a Mavic Open rear wheel with flip flop hub, good solid wheel and relatively light.

I've no need for a freewheel anymore as I have been converted to riding fixed - so any recommendations on hubs and alternative rims?

Budget wise I don't really want to spend more than £300 for a pair...



  • Monty Dog
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    You won't go far wrong with a pair of 32 hole Open Pros on Goldtec hubs for that money - available from BETD. Many track hubs don't have good bearing seals in comparison to the Goldtecs. Alternatively, speak to someone like Helmut at Sonic Cycles, or Paul Hewitt - he builds the wheels for the likes of Hubjub.
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    I don't know where you're based but this guy seems to have a pretty good reputation in the London Fixie community (not that I know that much about it to be honest)...

    He has a few options on rims - but Open Pros would be a good choice.

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  • My System EX hubs have been pretty faultless over 4.5 years/~20k miles (changed the rear bearings about 2months ago for the first time). There might be blingier options, but a lot more £...

    + Open Pro rims, 32 double butted spokes, 3x on the rear, maybe go 2x on the front? (shorter spokes, a little lighter, no real strength decrease)
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    I built my own 28h CXP33 rims laced 2x on Goldtech hubs. You can get away with a lower spoke count with a fixie because the rear isn't dished. Betd will build you some very cheaply if you buy the bits from them.