Garmin Vista HCx Contour lines...?

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Anyone got any experience of this GPS unit for mountain biking
Got 1 for Xmas and having a nightmare setting it up.

Also although I've only had few go's with it, can someone tell me if its worth perservering with since off road I've got no contour lines and no refernce points, just a blank screen and a line on it.

wondering whether b better with an Edge although I've heard these have isses with battery life since charge only
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    Have you bought the TOPO GB software fro your PC and then loaded it from the PC to the handheld unit. You have to load the base mapping on it doesn't come with it (and at £ 100 a throw for the full country it's not cheap).

    If you have loaded the TOPO software have you zoomed in using the two buttons on the top left side of the unit. I usually set mine to around the 800ft mark to get some detail on screen.

    To be honest though the on screen maps are not good enough to navigate off unless you have uploaded a route and even then they're not great. I wish I'd waited until full OS mapping on screen had become the norm (seems to be happening now :cry: ).
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