Clubs near Bradford/Keighley/Haworth etc

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Evening everybody.

As the thread states does anybody know of any clubs in or around the above areas, my mate who iIhave rode with for last couple of years has a big trip planned and my girlfriend wont ridein the dark!

Women Eh!


  • I ride round that area, usually on a Tuesday night, would be interested in meeting up as long as your not super fit and free ride god that's going to make me look silly. :wink:

    There is also a north leeds mtb club on the bikemagic forum, I have never ridden with them so can't comment what they are like, I'm just not a riding in big groups kinda guy.
  • oxnop
    oxnop Posts: 32
    Jon that would be cool, Tuesday is only good if you can ride after 8! Otherwise any other time is fine. Im also open to not just riding in that area.

    PM me you e-mail or something & we'll try and arrange a ride.

    & i am definately not a freeride god!