Pinarello FP3 or Cannondale Six Carbon Ultegra SL

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Please, someone make a decision for me... :?

Pinarello - Beautfiul, sexy, curvy piece of Italian inspiration. Not in stock in my size and colour until end of March.

Cannondale Six Carbon - Stunning but unfussy looking bike, quality engineering but lacking the sex appeal of the Pinarello. But available now.

Both a good "fit" for my size, shape, style, etc.



  • Lagavulin
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    Is the FP3 basically the one that comes out of the same mould as the Prince just using lower-grade carbon?

    Do you think you're likely to use your new bike much before the end of March?
  • BMCCbry
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    8) I went for the FP3. I got it a month ago and it is sitting un-used, waiting for some decent weather. I doubt that will be before the end of March! :roll:

    Don't base your decision on the availability (if it's only a few weeks to wait). You don't want it to get covered in salt and muck anyway!
  • BMCCbry
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    PS A couple of weeks ago I thought you were dead set on the Pinarello!
  • FatLarry
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    Impatience is getting the better of me. You're right, I won't ride it until we get good weather any way. Don't want to destroy it with all the crap on the roads.

    I hadn't considered a Cannondale until I watched the Etape video - the guy doing the ride uses one. (Video is heavily sponsored by Cannondale so there are lots of lovely shots of the bike!!!)

    Patience is a virtue. BUT I WANT IT NOW!!!

    But I'll wait... I know that's the right thing to do :oops:

    Thanks for keeping me on the right track.
  • Monty Dog
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    In a years time the Pinarello will still being sold at the same price, whereas the Cannondale will be heftily discounted - I think that says it all about the perceived value of each. I await a flame-war from Cannondale owners - but look at the likes of Evans websites to see how big the price cuts go. A Cannondale at a deep discount is a good deal, at retail it's over-priced for another mass-produced bike.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • agilis
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    2 of my clubnates have the Carbon Prince and I was astounded when I heard that a £3,500 Pinarello frame was made in China / Taiwan.
  • agilis
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    Might be more appropriate for Pinarello to be built with Shimano now to keep the bike fully oriental
  • don key
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    agilis wrote:
    Might be more appropriate for Pinarello to be built with Shimano now to keep the bike fully oriental

    You might also be interested in all the Chi in Tina, goes down well with some or toe I'm soled.