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I have a potential buyer intrested in my bike however they want to arrange for a courier to collect it, How would be best to package it up ?
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  • Pop down your LBS and ask if they have any boxes that they get bikes delivered in that you can have. That plus pipe insulation from a DIY place around the tubes should be more than sufficient.
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  • dave_hill
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    Wrap it in brown paper, tie it up with string an pop a stamp on it.

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  • ask your lbs if they have any spare bike boxes from where they assembled a bike for display. if they give you one, which they should (they get thrown out otherwise), then take off the handlebars, front wheel and seatpost+seat. after that dump the bike in the box and attach the wheel to the side of the frame, with cardboard in between the contact points and the wheel, zip-tie the whole thing up so it cant move an inch, this way nothing damages the bike!

    hope this helps.