Re-enamelling Claud Butler frame - anywhere near Newbury?

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Bumped into a friend last night who knows I cycle a bit.

He asked me if I knew of anywhere nearby (live in Newbury, Berks) where he could get his Claud Butler frame re-enamelled. Also wants some new brake mounts fitted.

Afraid I couldnt help but said I'd post here as hopefully someone will have some suggestions.....
Martin S. Newbury RC


  • Wappygixer
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    One of the best places for resprays etc is Argos cycles.
    They will also do frame alterations to.
    Not cheap but one of the best out their.
    Be prepared for a long wait though, long turn around due to volume
  • Monty Dog
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    The places that come to mind:
    Atlantic Boulevard in Bury
    Bob Jackson in Leeds
    Argos in Bristol
    Mario Vaz in London

    For low price, it would be Vaz
    For quality it would be Atlantic
    My experience of Jacksons is variable
    Argos are expensive and not very flexible
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • bahzob
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    Thanks v much. Will pass info on.
    Martin S. Newbury RC