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trans wales

wildbearwildbear Posts: 4
edited February 2009 in MTB general
just entered this years event anybody whos done it got any advise


  • Train hard in the months before hand, with plenty of long rides and mileage under your belt. That way you'll not be too tired to enjoy the riding and the scenery. Work out what energy drinks/food work for you and stick with them to avoid any stomach issues.

    Take spare pads and gear cables with you, if the weather is like this year, you may get through a few sets. Go tubeless if you can, no point wasting time repairing punctures if you don't have to.

    A good, waterproof tent with a warm sleeping bag.
    Some warm clothes for the evenings, but don't worry about too many changes
    Clean inner shorts for every day. There are few places to wash and dry any, so you will ideally take 7 pairs.
    Plenty of sudocrem/assos cream
    Good, light waterproof jacket and a mix of layers for when the weather inevitably changes
    Microfibre towel which dries quickly

    Also a good sense of humour would be an advantage.

    The straighter the line, the faster I go!
  • grantwaygrantway Posts: 1,430
    Sounds good when and where in Whales is this?

    Anyone got a link!
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