Cleaning ones push iron! How long do you take??!

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I just spent the best part of 2 hours cleaning my bike and I find it a ball ache!

Just out of curiosity does anyone else dry their bike after cleaning it? I dry the frame & forks to prevent streaks and smears and also dry the discs and chain, then re-lube the chain to prevent it from rusting.

I find its the drying part that takes the most time! Could anyone offer any time saving tips please?!

Cheers, J
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    Hello, I quickly hose off the worst of the mess and then squirt lots of either sh1t shifter or muck off (muck off is better imho) then after two minutes hose off excess suds then i go for a quick shower. after said shower i quickly dry off bike with chamois (please fgorgive spelling)and give moving parts a quick lube all in all including shower about 20 mins. :wink:
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  • ha ha, I have been know to spend 2 hours stripping and cleaning a bike.

    I don't wash them after every ride, only when they are filthy.

    However, I do take care of chain and cassette, chain bath and a lube up
  • MrChuck
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    Probably about 20 mins cleaning, and then I leave it to dry as long as I can before lubing it and putting it away. The longer I've been mountain biking the shorter my cleaning time has got :)
  • toontra
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    90 minutes for a decent clean. I know because I've had to do quite a few recently!

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    I'm gonna just wheel mine into the shower with me if it's no warmer this weekend, too dam cool to be stood outside in sweaty clothes with hose in hand.
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    Fnaaaaar !
  • 30 mins for a quick one, over an hour if it's long and dirty.
  • I have been known to clean my bikes!
    Get some of that Purple lube, it doesn't wash of in the wet for ages, and the dirt doesn't seem to stick to it. I don't worry about the dirt unless the moving parts are mucky.
    2 hrs! Total dedication!
  • Sh1t Shifter, MucOff and a hose pipe session does it for me
    Cleaning is 20-30 minutes with a good drip dry, sometimes I towel it dry too
    The time consuming part of the clean is degreasing and re-lubricating the drivetrain as I also inspect everything whilst doing this