New car - bike rack on a Golf???

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Not sure if this is the right place - or if I'll get shot down for wanting to buy a car! - but anyway...

Thinking of buying a new(ish) car, probably a Golf. Has anyone got any experience of using a roof rack on a Golf?

I can see that you can buy roof racks but - looking at the car itself - they look pretty 'flimsy-ly' attached.

Thanks in advance.


  • softlad
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    estate or hatch..? the estate has roof rails...
  • cougie
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    Roof rack would be fine.

    I prefer the bike to be inside though if at all possible. I've bought cars just because my bike would fit inside them before now !
  • NFMC
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    A hatchback.

    I'd rather it be inside but it's going to be a family car and when I'm taking the tribe to Centreparcs and camping in France there's barely room to fit a cigarette paper inside never mind four bikes!
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    I used to fit roof bars to my Golf. They're dead easy to fit as there are mounting points above each door (at least, there were on mine). I had Paddy Hopkirk bars with Golf specific brackets that fitted to the mounting points. I then fitted a rack (actually a Pendle Tandem rack) to the bars.

    TBH I always carry road bikes inside and MTBs go on a boot mounted rack. It was only the tandem that ever went on the roof.
  • I remember reading on here about some guy who mashed his bike as he forgot it was on the roof, so beware :shock:

    P.s you don't need a car :wink:
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    I would always go for a tow bar mounted rack, given a near miss I had with a multi-story car park (!), the fuel economy, security, ease of fitting, and also the damage that a boot mounted rack did. Thule do a good 2 or 3 bike tow bar mounted rack for about £90-£120 that is very good (Thule Ride-On), and I reckon the cost of fitting the towbar still makes it worthwhile given the advantages.

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    How much is it to fit a towbar these days ?

    I dont think I'd take my bike to CP really - just hire a cheapy one there or just walk round the place. You'll prob find the bike gets others dropped on it.
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    Thanks all.

    Cougie...bikes at Centreparcs could be a whole different thread. We go to the one in the Lakes and I like to get off-property and go for an hour or two away from the kids.

    But...and this annoyed me greatly...I wanted to hire a trailer for my two young boys but they would only let me rent one if I also rented one of their (rubbish) mountain bikes as well making a combined rental about £65.00 for the weekend. The reason and safety. It's annoying me now as I bet I'll get the same cr@p from them when I go in March.

    I may complain ahead of time and see How I get on!
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    cougie wrote:
    How much is it to fit a towbar these days ?

    I just paid £200
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    Ooh £200 is a bit more than I thought !

    Ta for that though !

    Good plan on getting offsite at CP - I've done that at Sherwood - away from all the wobbling newbies !
  • i drive a 2008 golf, im wrecking the inside carrying bikes everywhere and i was thinking of changing to a roof rack, the rear mounted one i have always seems to mark my bike or the car... i guess thats what you get for being a cyclist
  • Got racks for both a mk 2 Golf and a Bora, similar to mk 4 Golf. What model of Golf you got/getting? Personally no experience of later model mk 5 (/6 just in showrooms) but from my experience of VW they and reputable rack such as VW or Thule will be fine. All previous comments valid, really down to personal choice. Mine is interior is for people, bikes outside. Also bikes on hatch/boot obscure rearward vision and your lights & no plate. As stated take care if you carry bike on roof. No accidents here yet, but it happens.
  • I just saw a t.v advert for a car with integrated bike rack which seemed to fold into the rear bumper :idea: 8) I didnt pay attention until it was to late but was on uk tv so keep your eyes peeled :wink: :arrow:
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    I think thats the renault ? Its an optional extra and dont think its cheap at all ?
  • gkerr4
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    Vauxhall do that on the new corsa and renault on the Modus - it's not a cheap option and on the corsa it means no spare tyre and a reduced fuel tank capacity to host the rack-thing.

    to the OP - if you are a regular CP visitor (we are too - also to the lakes!) and want a VW - how about the bigger Touran?

    We have an 07 model touran 1.9TDi - it's excellent! - will fit my bike inside no problem even with both kids in the back. alternatively it can be easily loaded up for a centreparcs weekend and it has roof rails on top to fit a rook mouted carrier.
    although it is bigger it can achieve around 47/49mpg on the motorway and is excellent around town (even better on 50/60 zones where it can top 50mpg with ease.

    just a thought.
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    I just saw a t.v advert for a car with integrated bike rack which seemed to fold into the rear bumper :idea: 8) I didnt pay attention until it was to late but was on uk tv so keep your eyes peeled :wink: :arrow:

    I think that's the crappy corsa, but it's something like a £300 option..... :roll:
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  • its the new corsa, its been around a year or 2, pretty sure it only holds one bike though.
  • Rich.H
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    I have a Mk5 5 door Golf and use VW's own roof bars and Thule Pro 591 bike carriers.

    Had this set up for over 2 years and have had no problems at all, with up to 4 bikes carried at times (well apart from the MPG :shock: ). Easy to fit / remove the bars and the carriers and they all have locks. Roof bars are c.£120 and you can get the carriers for c.£60 if you are buying 2 or more.

    I am moving to an A3 Sportback (no roof rails) next month and will be buying the Audi roof bars so I will effectively have the exact same set up on the A3 - I see no reason to change at all.

    I will be looking to sell my VW roof bars at that point :wink:

  • had a golf a couple of years ago - the standard halfords rear mounted rack does the job well without spending vast amounts of money. In fact, it did really well as we travelled around France with 2 bikes on the back, covering 2000+ miles over 5 weeks. The good thing with it is that it also fits many other cars. We now have an estate & it fits fine.
  • The car with a bike carrier built in was a Corsa and it was an otional extra. Think it cost about £500, neat idea tho!

    As for the Golf roof bars and cycle carriers will cost youu within the region of £200 but probably the best way to car your bikes - as long as you don't go into a multi story as a previous person stated.

    Your cheapest option is a rear mount the Golf has a soft bumper so you are best of going for one that does not rest it.
    Try - ... ueboot.htm
    or ... yId_165477
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    Check carefully your golf will take the roof rails. It's probably (hopefully!) not the case on later models, but apparently my older Mk3 with a sun roof can't take roof bars.

    There are no mounting points and the official line is that this is because the roof with sunroof in is not strong enough to support a load on the roof.

    So my boot is full of mud from my 'cross bike! Still, season over, time to hoover!