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had bought a Gill Ventilator Waterproof Jacket (real cheap £27) a while back. now considering the endura venturi jacket seeing event is meant to be more less sweat holding than goretex. tho having a bit of a thin waist line somewhere between 30in - 32in want a jacket that doesnt bloat outwards at the lower torso area. any ideas much appreciated


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    I tried on a pair of Stealth bibtights a while ago and they felt pretty restrictive - they have a lot less 'give' than regular tights. They might be OK for MTB or commuting in all weathers, but probably less good for fast-paced road riding.
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  • I have the Endura Event jacket. I like it and it is a fairly close fit.
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    I have used Gore PacLite and Event jackets, bought the latter because of it's alleged better breathability - the difference is fairly marginal, PacLite is lighter. I am currently using an Altura Attack Extreme which is supposedly very breathable, though it lacks the lifetime guarantee of the other two. The design and fit is excellent, its lightweight, sufficiently breathable, and fully waterproof. And Orange is the new Black!
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    Gore Oxygen II for me - very snug fit but is plenty water proof.

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    I have the Endura event too, it's not as snug as a Gore but doesn't flap about. That does mean that you can wear the Endura off the bike without attracting funny looks.
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    so far on the wet weather stuff list already got
    goretex cap
    goretex mitts
    pro tarmac npu overshoes
    endura stealth tights
    gore oxygen 3 jacket

    i guess thats me sortd
  • larmurf
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    Dales are selling the
    Gore Oxygen SO Windstopper Jacket
    for half price. Seems like a bargain does
    anyone have one of them
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    I don't rate Endura stuff one bit.I've had problems with everything from them.
    My last waterproof stuff was Campag Textran which is similar to Goretex but looks like normal road gear, especially the bib tights.
    Got them cheap from Wiggle last year and worth every penny