Knee - outside on bike - inside off bike

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Got new shoes so swapped cleats over. On the bike today where it was a lovely dry day (not many of those recently) though a strong wind that would cut you in two. Pushed quite a bit because of the wind and I started to get pain down the outside lower part of left knee over the last 30 mins however now when I'm off the bike the pain seems to be in the upper inside of the knee. That seems to be strange to me. I also lowered my saddle by a few mm as my leg was dead straight at 6 o'clock when the foot was parallel to the ground and I had noticed that I tended to ride with my feet pointing down so I checked myself out in the mirror and this is what showed it. I lowered the saddle basically until I could see enough bend at the knee. My right knee is fine and I have had my legs checked several times by several physios and I have no leg length probs so that makes me certain that the lowering of the saddle isn't the cause of the pain in my left knee as I would expect to feel it in my right as well.

Now most of the knee probs suggest you should move the cleats this way or that depending on where the pain is felt but the pain is in diametrically opposed places therefore I haven't a clue what to try to correct it. Any suggestions.


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    There are many more causes to knee problems than cleat position. This Bikeradar article might help: ... rt-2-17445

    It could be a combination of position on the bike, change in your routine (eg harder rides than usual) and possibly pedalling style. A process of elimination is needed but I would make sure that your riding position is right first:
      seat height seat front/back position cleat position