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Roubaix Expert or Madone 5.2 triple?

NJANJA Posts: 19
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I am lucky enough to be able to get me a new bike!!

I ride about 50 miles with friends on a Sunday at about 18/19 mph average at this time of year. In the summer we mainly do sportives, no real racing.

My friends all think I should buy the Trek and the option of the triple is very tempting as I tend to be a bit rubbish up hill.

But the Specialzed Roubaix is taking my eye - if only it had the option of a triple I would buy it. As I need a 60cm frame my local shop is not keen to get in one of each for me to try and they have a 54cm Trek and a 56 cm Specialized in stock.

Anybody got one or any words of wisdom - I just can't make my mind up.


  • robbarkerrobbarker Posts: 1,367
    My last road frame was a Trek 5500 and I loved it. It handled usperbly and was a comfy but exciting ride. I now have an 07 Giant TCR composite frame and it's just as efficient, more comfy but perhaps lacks the edge of the Trek, less road vibration transferred to the rider, and, yep, still the same saddle tyoe and similar tyres.

    That is primarily, of course, a good thing, although I miss the exciting, connected feel of the Trek a little. In competition (only triathlons for me nowadays) that buzz tends to spur you on, I find.

    I do have a big-bore Spesh Langster, now fitted with drops, if Iwant exciting though!

    Overall I judge the Giant a more capable bike, particulalry for training and longer distance work, but I've have another trek tomorrow.

    Spesh Roubaix? Nothing against Specialized - I love my Langster, and my Enduro come to that, but MTFU and get a Tarmac!
  • sicrowsicrow Posts: 791
    I've got the Roubaix and I love it - no real problems and comfy as hell for me - I too heavy and nearly 40 and I like you don't love those big bumps

    Not sure about a triple though
  • blorgblorg Posts: 1,169
    Both are decent bikes, I too had a Trek in the past, a 5000, and it was a lovely bike, very comfortable. The triple Madone will be the more relaxed fit Madone too, may be similar to the Roubaix in that regard. To be honest if buying from a LBS I think you really should try to find one that will let you try both though.

    As for triple or compact, you lose approximately one gear off the bottom of your triple going for the compact, if both had 12-27 cassettes, e.g. 34-27 is close to 30-24, the second lowest gear on a 12-27 cassette. But this is one gear of your lowest possible with a cassette change, as AFAIK out of the box the Trek comes with a 12-25 cassette while the Roubaix comes with a 12-27 - so the lowest gear on each bike stock is not actually too different:

    (30 / 25) * 27 = 32.4" - lowest gear on the Madone
    (34 / 27) * 27 = 34" - lowest gear on the Roubaix
  • If you’re interested I have a 2006 Specialized Tarmac Pro, Size XL 58cm. It was my summer bike that I’ve just replaced with a Ridley Noah, I was waiting until the spring to sell it on eBay but if you’re interested I might as well have the money in the bank and you might as well ride around on a stunning bike!

    It’s the Carbon FACT frameset and seat post with zertz inserts, built up with Campagnolo Veloce 10 speed, including the skeleton brakes and Campagnolo Sirocco wheels, best bit is its fitted with a Bontrager Race X Lite Carbon Triple Chainset so you can get up any hill.

    Its a stunning looking bike that if you add up the part is over £2,500, which has been professionally put together you’re welcome to come and have a look at, I’m in the North East near Scotch Corner.

    I was going to put it on eBay with a buy it now price of £1,050 so if you’re interested make me a sensible offer.
  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    The Trek 5.2 triple will be the Performance model. This has the same geometry as the Pro but with a taller head tube. The handling is the same. I have a 5200 and a 5.2. The 5.2 has just as good handling as the 5200, if not better, but is much more comfortable on poor roads. It is also about a kilo lighter. I can not speak for the Roubaix as I have not ridden one but the Trek will do what you want and more. I was able to take one for a road test (65 miles) and ordered one as soon as I took the test bike back. Some large dealers are still doing 2008 models at £1800 but probably do not have all sizes.
  • wickedwicked Posts: 844
    What I am not getting is you like the roubaix so why not get it, any bike shop worth its salt will put a triple on it for you. If your LBS wont go somewhere else where they will!
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  • gkerr4gkerr4 Posts: 3,408
    agree with above - they are so close you could go either way - I think that you will find the compact fine though - and as said - the 34 / 27 is about the same as the trek with 30 / 25.

    I have a roubaix - had it for a year but don't ride it over winter. I fitted it with some fresh tyres the other week (wiggle had vittoria open corsa evos on offer!) and i got round to taking it for a ride on Wednesday night

    I don't know how they do it - it is so stiff but so so comfortable! - there is a road near the park where I live where the tarmac is splitting up - not deep holes but looks like the tarmac is fractured and there must be about 80metres of this. On my specialized langster and my trek Pilot (both alu frames and neither that 'stiff') this section of road would vibrate your bloody fillings out - but the roubaix just glides across ot - soaking up the vibrations while still feeling razor sharp. And this was on campag Eurus wheels - which aren't noted for their comfort and new tyres running at 130psi!

    superb bike!
  • 636sean636sean Posts: 24
    I've got a 2008 Roubaix expert and love it, admittedly i've not ridden many other bikes to compare it with but really pleased with my choice and find the compact fine
  • Had my Roubaix Expert 2008 since August 2007 (paid £1460). Absolutely no regrets.

    Compact double was just fine. Even spent a week in Pyrenean foothills last September. Never found the bike lacking. The body maybe, but not the bike.

    At 52 and 14st I find it comfortable - 6 hours in the saddle, totally enjoyable.

    Saw a dealer advertising a 54cm and 56cm 2008 model earlier today at only £1600. The 2009 model is typically £2200. Sorry, can't remember who.
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  • colintcolint Posts: 1,707
    Both are fantastic bikes, you won't go wrong with either. As has been said the difference between the compact and triple isn't huge, and you can always fit a bigger cassette if you really need it.

    Personally I'd hold out for a test ride. If a shop doesn't want to get you your size in for a test, just tell them you've got the cash and you'll go elsewhere. Might be a oain having to drive around a bit but it's a big purchase and will be worth it
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  • I have a 2008 Trek Madone 5.2, I love it. Another bike that lives indoors through the winter, but in better weather has the same intended use as you plan to have.

    It was a close call between the 5.2 and an S-Works Roubaix SL. In the end I'm glad I went for Trek, mine weighs around 7kg (maybe even less). It's a dream to ride, and very different to the earlier bikes like the 5200 (I've owned one of those too).

    As others have said, take the test ride. When spending a decent amount of cash you have to be sure...........
  • 3fins3fins Posts: 1
    I picked up a Trek 5.2 in September having test ridden a number of bikes in the same price/performance bracket and have not regretted it. Pin sharp handling and superb power transfer leave me grinning like an idiot every time. Much to the horror of my wife the bike commands house space in the winter, too refined for the garage! I was lucky enough to pick up a Roubaix Expert 2007 as a winter hack, I wasn't expecting my budget to net another carbon set up and certainly didn't expect to be riding anything that matched the Trek. However, there really is very little between them, if pushed I would say the Trek feels more responsive, the Roubaix more comfortable, but an almost indistinguishable difference. If you read the blah, the Roubaix geometry should be more suitable/comfortable for sportive riding.

    As in earlier posts, you can't go wrong with either, I hate to say it but it probably comes down to aesthetics, if they were both before you, which one would you grab?
  • dombo6dombo6 Posts: 751
    Tell the LBS to get one of each for you to try and pick the one that fits best. If they won't do that go elsewhere. Evans did this for me - choice between a Bianchi 928 and Lemond Buenos Aires - and I spent a couple of hours on each before plumping for the Lemond. Both were 55 cm frames but the Lemond felt right,and in a 8+ hour sportive, that's what counts.
  • NJANJA Posts: 19
    Madone 5.2 on order! Apparently it will be here next week, if only the snow would melt.

    Thanks for all the advice
  • Dombo6 wrote:
    Tell the LBS to get one of each for you to try and pick the one that fits best. If they won't do that go elsewhere. Evans did this for me - choice between a Bianchi 928 and Lemond Buenos Aires - and I spent a couple of hours on each before plumping for the Lemond. Both were 55 cm frames but the Lemond felt right,and in a 8+ hour sportive, that's what counts.

    Aye. Got a Lemond Zurich here. Wonderful thing. And nicely rare now.
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  • John.TJohn.T Posts: 3,698
    No problem. Enjoy it.
  • I hope you enjoy the 5.2!
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