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Road chainset on a track bike?E?

big Rbig R Posts: 38
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i was wondering if its possible to use a campag chorus road chainset (that i have lying around) put on a 1/8 chainring and fit it onto a miche primato BB for my track build.

will i be able to get it to work/ get a good chainline - or is theree a reason it wont work????

i know chorus road chainsets usually need a 102mm BB axel length and the miche is 107mm - is this a problem???

just trying to save buying a new track crankset when i have a few old road ones around.



  • DaSyDaSy Posts: 599
    The only issue I can foresee other than a wider q-factor is whether BB and chainset are both the same square taper standards, ie, J.I.S or ISO.

    I would have thought that the Campag chainset would be ISO and the chances are that the Miche BB would be too, but worth checking as they can be a bit odd if mixed the wrong way with JIS and ISO.

    What size is the BCD of the chainset you plan to use, the track standard is a large 144, so many of the 1/8th chainrings will be that size. There are lots of other 1/8th rings with smaller BCD's, just something to note when ordering.
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  • DaSyDaSy Posts: 599
    Oh and the chances of getting a good chainline are fairly remote... I'm sure it will work, but to get a really good chainline on a trackbike can be a bit of a fiddle at the best of times.

    I ended up going with a Sugino 75 chainset ring and BB to get as near perfect as I could.

    Then comes the joy of getting even tension - "everything looks round so whty does it go really tight and really slack all the time!" becomes a mantra for a while.
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  • PirahnaPirahna Posts: 1,315
    I've run a Shimano road chainset on a track bike. I used a shorter axle in the bottom bracket and filed the inner tabs off as they were hitting the chainstay. The alternative is to run the chainring on the inside of the chainset.
  • big Rbig R Posts: 38
    jep think they are both ISO.
    can get TA 1/8 chainrings with 135 BCD -so will fit campag cranks.

    sounds like getting a good chainline could be an issue though

    -would prefer to have chainring on the outside of the chainset
  • acorn_useracorn_user Posts: 1,137
    Why don't you try it for chainline with a an older chain and ring on the Miche BB? They are not that expensive. One of the US Campagnolo distributors has started fitting 1/8 Rocket Rings to NOS Record square taper cranks no one wants, so it can be done. If you want to know what BB they use, you could try emailling Carytown bikes in Richmond VA to find out. They might be able to help you.
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    I've run track rings on Record cranks on a 102mm BB - I'd expect the Miche BB to be too long, even though it is adjustable, but for a tenner, might be worth the risk. Also depends on what hubs you're running - something like a Goldtec has a bigger chainline
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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