shall i go riding today?

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should i ignore work and go riding today?
i need some good reasons so it makes me feel better about ignoring work!


  • ride_whenever
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    yes, because if you're fitter you'll be ill less so need less time off work...
  • xtreem
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    If the weather is bad, cold, muddy that don't do it.
    Go on a ride when the weather is good so the ride to be more worthed.

    What do you want:
    Stuck at work at warm and sunny day or go for a ride on rainy day?
  • KonaMike
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    I know where I would rather be :(
  • antfly
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    It depends where you work.If you work in mcdonalds go cycling,if you want to keep your job go to work.
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  • do it mate, I'm toying with it at the weekend but so busy at present, maybe next weekend for me!
  • grumsta
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    I wimped out today - 70 mph wind and heavy rain are not for me thanks.
  • Aah,

    Yes, Friday should be every riders equivalent of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" so we can all have a fun filled day

    I have the luxury of working from home some days and Friday, I am pleased to say, is one of them, mainly due to the HQ and regional branches being just under 120 miles away from where I live. Friday's roads are always a nightmare (M4 or M5/M6) so working from home gives me the opportunity to get a decent ride in on Friday afternoon, although I do take a short ride to gym every day of the week