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I've recently had quite a big "off" that wrecked a Giro Xen helmet, a shoulder, a shin, a knee, a cycling shirt and a stem (sheared clamp plate!), luckily I was out with a couple of the lads who were able to assess that I was probably going to be ok and helped me pick myself up and dwardle home to explain the injuries to my heavily pregnant (at the time) Missus.

This made me think a bit more carefully about what would have happened if I was out on my own as I frequently am.

I've seen in the States you can buy something called a Safetband that you attach to your camelback or helmet with emergency medical and contact details etc etc - does anyone know where you can get them from in the UK??
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    are you the sort of nob that rides down the quay at exeter, sending little kids flying!!!!?!?!?!?!

    seriously though, keep a peice of paper withe info on it in your wallet or in the seatpost. most paramedics will look in those places first if its a rider.
  • Is this what you're after
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  • are you the sort of nob that rides down the quay at exeter, sending little kids flying!!!!?!?!?!?!

    Nah, I tend to aim for the geriatrics.....
    There is a time to surf and a time to wax your board.....

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  • As Jesus_Christ said they always check your wallet so just something in there is fine. I always carry my driving licence and it does the job. If you are on your own and want to be a bit safer take a hardy little mobile phone with you and tell people where your going and when your expected back. Then if your not back they can come look for you and importantly will know where you are. If your plans change just give whoever you told a call saying you will be late or whatever. Its always good to have bright clothing on as well. It just makes a much easer to see you if some one is looking for you. You don't have to go fluorescent yellow (though its good if you can) but a white T shirt is a lot easyer to pick out than a dull brown or camo green one.
  • - this works for me, wear it round my neck so if I'm ever found unconcious it will be located - give s a number to call along with a reference number that gives access to my details and medical conditions.

    Never had to use it but I do know medical staff do tend to check round the neck for forms of also get bracelet-type things...

    I think it is about £15 per year...
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    How about a tattoo on your forehead with all your vital statistics on?
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  • you need an SOS Talisman. I've got one and they're really nice. Used by mounteneers and orienteers.[/url
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    I just carry my wallet with my driving licence in it.
    also, my mobile has my home phone number stored as 'Home'

    I find that is all that is really required.
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    can always have a number in under ICE in your phone.
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    Yeah, I've got various numbers in under ICE plus info of who they are, plus I carry my drivers' licence which is enough for hospitals to access your medical details easily. But just like with walking the most important thing is to make sure someone knows where you are, ID is only a concern once someone's actually found you :wink:
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