paint job for my colnago

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I have just bought a lovely Colnago master frame from a guy in italy but it has a shocking one colour paint job and very plain non original decals

do any of you guru's know of a really goog painter who could possibly do my lugs in chrome ( not argos as I think their paint is made of cheese!)

or of anyone who could re-create an arte decor paint job?
thanks in anticipation
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  • mrushton
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    There is Atlantic cycles in Lancs. google Atlantic Boulevard and it should come up. Bob Jackson in Leeds? the guy at Maestro might also be able to help but the price may be prohibitive.
  • Mike at Maestro is a terrific guy and will be able to advise at a minimum. He gets his frames painted in Belgium at the Belgium Colnago distributor who gets naked frames from Italy...

  • +1 for Mike Perry at Maestro, if memory serves he can get your Colnago sprayed in any stock Colnago colour from the last 10 or so years.
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    Whilst I know Mike at Maestro, he sends the frames to be refinished in Belgium, which is the route my Colnago came through. However, after a few years of racing and hard riding the paint was pretty worn, so I took it to Atlantic Boulevard in Bury who did a fantastic custom job - it was no cheaper than a Colnago factory refinish but the quality and durability is significantly better. Andy P has had a Colnago refinished at Atlantic too - I doubt you'll find a better quality finish anywhere.
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