3 wk layoff and effect on fitness ?

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ive been off the bike for the last 3 weeks as I had my first MS flare up in 8 years , I normally average 18-18.5mph when I am out road cycling. I went out today for a 30 miler to ease myself back into biking, I noticed pretty quickly that I was breathing faster and my fitness levels had gone down a bit. It was quite windy where I was today and I came in at 17.2mph average and I told myself in a week or two I hope to get my fitness level back to before I had the MS flare.

Is a decline in overall cycling fitness after a forced 3 week layoff par for the course ? It felt great to be back on the saddle and Im hell bent on getting my cardio and fitness levels right back up again and soon.



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    yes - three weeks off will have put paid to your fitness

    the good news is that it comes back faster than you gained it in the first place!

    stick at it and it will be back within a few weeks and then you can continue building up - good luck!