Xero XR-1 versus Xero XR-1

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What's going on with these two wheelsets, both model Xero XR-1? They appear to be the same wheels with different decals, but why would the manufacturer do that? It doesn't appear to be a model year change since both are available now and have been for years. Is there possibly a company producing Xero XR1 knock offs?

Here is the wheel with straight decals. This one is found on Xero's website:

and here is the wheel with the "sunken" decals, found in many reviews and the style used on some Giant road bikes:

Spoke count (16/20), weight (1520 g), and rim depth (30mm) are the always the same. So is the price. If anyone knows what is going on, share it!


  • cougie
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    So it is just different stickers ? Maybe they wanted to be able to let riders match the wheels more to their bike colours ?
    I wouldnt lose sleep over it.
  • If the manufacturer thought different decal styles would sell more wheels I think they'd mention that in their advertising and make it possible for shoppers to buy either, but they don't. So I'm still curious about this odd situation. Losing sleep over it is not a problem however.